View from Montparnasse Tower (2013)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Paris - 7

I leave one week from today.   The past two months since we got home from Hawaii seem to have gone slowly, but now Paris is coming up fast!

I have my clothes picked out, but it's so hard to know what to take.  Will it be warm? Cool? Rain?  Since I can't predict the weather, I just have to take clothing suitable for whatever happens.  I know I will probably take too much.  I'm sticking to my black and white color scheme - with just a little bit of color, mostly blue.

I know Kathy is getting excited as am I.  She arrives the day before I do and is staying at a hotel right at CDG where I will meet her the next morning, then we'll taxi into Paris together.  We can't settle into the apartment until 2:00, but I've arranged for us to drop off our luggage at 11:00.  Then we'll walk around the neighborhood for a couple of hours, have some lunch, and buy some groceries.

Stay tuned...